Why Choose Jyothi Biogas..?

* The first team in Kerala who converted biogas to electricity using generator.

* We have got several awards from kerala state government for working as a charitable society without expecting more commission and labour charge.

* We give first priority to make environmental friendly biogas plants.

* We have the experience in building 40 and more biogas plants which can utilize 1000 kg wastes per day.

* We are able to give 2 years of guarantee and 15 years of service.

* Within days of recieving work order, we will start our work as soon as possible.

* We are able to construct biogas plants across the world.


Why Choose Deenbandhu Model..?

* Unlike other plants, it will last above 40 years.

* It is placed under the ground level so we can utilize that space for other purposes.

* It is built in dome model so it is damageless.

* By building this plants we can avoid odour, environmental pollution.

* The slurry ejects from the biogas plant is enriched with Zinc, Iron and Carbon.


Human Excreta or Night Soil Plants

There are regular waste disposal problems in almost all Institutions like hostels, hospitals, convents, old age-homes, etc where more peoples are staying together. The overflow and or leakage of septic tank or drainage systems create severe environmental problems and public nuisance, opposition and complaint from the neighbours also.

The treatment of human excreta through biomethanation is the remedy to overcome these two problems at a time. Like any other bio waste, human excreta can be treated with the help of anaerobic microbes (bacteria). These microbes are not harmful to human beings. When human excreta is treated with the help of biomethanation process, the biogas is generated from this waste, through microbial action. This gas can be used either for cooking or for electricity generation. When a night soil plant is installed, there is no need of a separate conventional septic tank. Treated slurry coming out from the plant can be utilized as liquid fertilizer. All other easily biodegradable waste can be treated together with human excreta in the same plant.

Through the installation of night soil based biogas plants, the beneficiary can treat all other degradable waste like cooked food, fish, meat and vegetable waste in the same plant. The size of the plant may be different depending upon the availability of human excreta and other degradable waste.


Conversion Of Biogas Into Electricity

For the effective operation of a bio waste treatment plant, electricity is quite essential. The main advantage of waste to electricity project is that no external power is required for the operation of the plant.The power generated in the treatment plant can be utilized to meet the in-house requirement completely. Excess quantity can be utilized for any type of off-grid application, such as street lighting.

The generation of electricity using biowaste treatment plant is not a costly concern. Of course the installation cost of a Waste to Electricity Project may be a little high. But the recurring expenses will not be substantial for the operation of the plant. In the plant, biogas is being generated everyday through anaerobic decomposition of waste.

Normally 1.5 kilo watt electricity can be produced from One cubic metre biogas. Depending upon the percentage of methane content in biogas, the power generation may slightly vary. The size of the generator can be fixed depending upon the availability of gas and quantity and duration for the requirement of the power. The gas can be utilized as operation fuel in gensets. Before feeding biogas as fuel in gensets the gas has to be passed through a gas scrubber to remove unwanted particles, gases, moisture etc.

In 100% biogas engines, no other fuel is required either for starting or for operation. Any type of petrol engine can be modified for operating the same using biogas as operation fuel. Jyothi Biogas has developed 100% biogas engines. These engines are installed in various projects and the performance of all of them is very good.